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FitDay - Free Diet and Weight Loss Journal app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 5040 ratings )
Health & Fitness Medical
Developer: Internet Brands, Inc.
Current version: 2.4.1, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 20 Dec 2010
App size: 16.07 Mb

Lose weight with FitDay, an easy-to-use and free calorie counter for your mobile device. With the quickest food search and entry, logging food on the go will be easier than ever before. We will help you lose weight - and keep it off!

Free Calorie Counter

LOG FOOD - Search our database of over 20,000 foods. We use the USDA database so our database is the most reliable and accurate source. Log your food instantly to count your calories.

CREATE CUSTOM FOODS - Don’t see your food? Create an unlimited number of custom food items.

TRACK ALL MAJOR NUTRIENTS - Track your calories, protein, carbs, fiber and more. With a daily and weekly nutritional tracker, you can keep track of specific nutrients.

SAVE FREQUENT FOODS - Frequently used foods are automatically remembered with the exact portions to make logging easier

FOOD PLANNER - One of the most important things to do while on a diet is planning ahead! Log food ahead of time to stay on track with your diet plan.

CALORIE REPORT - See how many calories you’ve eaten over time for motivation

FULLY SYNCS WITH WEB - Log from your computer or your phone. Not only is it convenient, but also you will never lost your data.

Mobile Upgrade

LOG EXERCISE - Search our database of over 20,000 activities. You can also monitor all lifestyle activities like doing the dishes, and laundry for the most accurate calorie read.

ACTIVITY STOPWATCH - Want to train like a professional athlete? Time your activities using our new activity timer. You will have the most accurate caloric burn and be able to increase your time in the next run.

QUICK FOOD SNAP - Many dietitians believe keeping a visual log of your meals help monitor portion size. Take a picture of your meal to add more detail to your food log and lose more weight.

FOOD REMINDER - Don’t have time to log your food? Take a quick photo of your food, and FitDay will remind you to log it later!

LOG WEIGHT - Keep track of your weight loss, and log your weight quickly!

CREATE A CUSTOM WEIGHT LOSS PLAN - Not sure how many calories you should eat to reach your weight goal? Or maybe you aren’t sure how many more calories you can eat to stay on track. Create a custom weight loss plan and track your daily status so you never over or under eat.

WEIGHT REPORT - Track your weight loss over time for motivation and to stay on track!

NOTES - Dieting is difficult but taking notes throughout your journey helps you stay on track. Note down a specific recipe, how you’re feeling, or positive affirmations to make your weight loss journey positive and successful.

ACTIVITY REPORT - Track your activities and calories burned over time for motivation

Premium Upgrade


DESKTOP PREMIUM - Use FitDay wherever is most convenient for you.

Desktop Premium includes but is not limited to the following….

AD FREE - Get an advertisement free experience on your desktop.
CREATE CUSTOM NUTRITIONAL GOALS - Track nutrients specific to your diet. You can also enter you own goals if you’ve gotten specific recommendations from a doctor or dietitian.
CUSTOM REPORTS - Create custom reports so you can keep track of specific nutrients, activities, and calories over time.

Pros and cons of FitDay - Free Diet and Weight Loss Journal app for iPhone and iPad

FitDay - Free Diet and Weight Loss Journal app good for

I know this because it worked for me. Using FITDAY on my PC combined with lite/moderate exercise 3 time a week transformed me into the best condition of life at age 49. My wife discovered FITDAY 5 years ago and it did the same for her. Nutrition is the foundation for fitness and this software will teach you how to achieve this without telling you what, when and how much to eat. It simply shows you how youre doing. Its as simple as "Red" and "Green" on the nutrition chart. The name of the game? Achieve "Green" on all, or as many of vitamins and minerals on the chart as you can while eating 500 calories under your daily calorie output, and keep your Fat intake to 33% or less. This is very easy to do if you have a good nutrition monitor and the PC version of FITDAY is the best, and its free! This app makes using the online PC version too convenient not to use. Im hoping FITDAY will add to this app; more graphs, remember log in info (so I dont have to log in every time I want to use it) and add search to the custom foods search. THANKS FITDAY!
Alright I guess. Doesnt let me add foods properly ... I have to go from previous days or restart my phone everyday.
Great food calculator and foods to choose from. I love how it breaks it down by nutrition and into protein, carbs, fat. I would like to be able to track water separately, make goals, and most importantly see my calorie deficit for the day. Great activity tracker as well. Would like if HIIT and interval training was added. Overall very good still.
It has a lot of glitches! Please fix them! Other than that, its a really good app, it allows you to properly keep track of your foods.
This app is so user friendly and easy to use cause it has tuns of variety of foods in its data base so you dont need to spend your whole day to add a food nutrition and calories!! I m so happy with it and I m going to update it to premium version. Thank you guys for making this app easily to use

Some bad moments

System as such generally ok (though it seems a bit strange that when searching for a food you always come across ready-made stuff first). App doesnt do it though - the food search box disappears from my app all the time and I cant add any foods...
I like that it shows you how much of each macro you have had in a day but its useless since the food search box disappears all the time and I cant enter any foods. Please fix this problem :-)
Always have to login. Very slow and limited to enter foods. And today its totally broken. Fitday is going down the tubes, time to look for something else.
Doesnt remember foods. Missing most foods. Not user friendly. There are far better tools out there
1. At times it will not communicate with the server 2. Have to login all the time 3. Slow 4. Only for iPhone...wheres the iPad version? 5. If there are too many food items on my screen I am unable to edit the last one.
It took them long enough to even make an app, how about maintaining it? All the competition is passing by....

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