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Not as app

System as such generally ok (though it seems a bit strange that when searching for a food you always come across ready-made stuff first). App doesnt do it though - the food search box disappears from my app all the time and I cant add any foods...

Food search box disappears

I like that it shows you how much of each macro you have had in a day but its useless since the food search box disappears all the time and I cant enter any foods. Please fix this problem :-)

This will work for you!

I know this because it worked for me. Using FITDAY on my PC combined with lite/moderate exercise 3 time a week transformed me into the best condition of life at age 49. My wife discovered FITDAY 5 years ago and it did the same for her. Nutrition is the foundation for fitness and this software will teach you how to achieve this without telling you what, when and how much to eat. It simply shows you how youre doing. Its as simple as "Red" and "Green" on the nutrition chart. The name of the game? Achieve "Green" on all, or as many of vitamins and minerals on the chart as you can while eating 500 calories under your daily calorie output, and keep your Fat intake to 33% or less. This is very easy to do if you have a good nutrition monitor and the PC version of FITDAY is the best, and its free! This app makes using the online PC version too convenient not to use. Im hoping FITDAY will add to this app; more graphs, remember log in info (so I dont have to log in every time I want to use it) and add search to the custom foods search. THANKS FITDAY!

Okay for a start; needs some tweaking

Ive used the website Fitday for over a year and I like it; the app is okay but needs some improvements. It would be nice to add multiple items at once, like I can do on the website, since I eat certain things every day and adding them one at a time every day is tedious. This is a good app to have when Im away from the computer, but I still use the website more often.


Always have to login. Very slow and limited to enter foods. And today its totally broken. Fitday is going down the tubes, time to look for something else.

A 2 out of 10

Doesnt remember foods. Missing most foods. Not user friendly. There are far better tools out there


Alright I guess. Doesnt let me add foods properly ... I have to go from previous days or restart my phone everyday.


App freezes constantly, great concept poorly executed.

More Testing Required

1. At times it will not communicate with the server 2. Have to login all the time 3. Slow 4. Only for iPhone...wheres the iPad version? 5. If there are too many food items on my screen I am unable to edit the last one.

Whats taking so long?

It took them long enough to even make an app, how about maintaining it? All the competition is passing by....

On its way

Glitchy, slow , not a smooth app at all but on the right travk

Terrible App

This app is extremely unreliable. Many of the negative comments in the review apply here.

Few improvements needed

Great food calculator and foods to choose from. I love how it breaks it down by nutrition and into protein, carbs, fat. I would like to be able to track water separately, make goals, and most importantly see my calorie deficit for the day. Great activity tracker as well. Would like if HIIT and interval training was added. Overall very good still.


Been with fit day for 6 years on pc, but app needs some serious updating. Using myfitnesspal now, and it blows away fitdat

Great idea, Needs work

Love the breakdown into macronutrients, love the ease of finding real food (not just name brand junk) BUT its freezy, glitchy, logs me out and loses my account. Please update! Pc version is excellent

A lot of work needed

Searching for foods doesnt search your custom foods, doesnt track *sugar* of all things (youd think with the current diabetes epidemic that sugar would be a key item to keep track of), also doesnt track folate which is something Im concerned about in my diet. Also is missing key standards of measure (no mL for milk, no Tbsp for sugar, etc.) Keeps logging you out over and over.

Log in a pain

Ease of use is significantly decreased by having to log in all the time. Also dont like that it does not track sugar. When inputting a custom food you should be able to choose the amount - at the moment you can only select "1 serving".


Just bought this app and it doesnt even load the app. Just a grey screen shows up. Went to their app support link and the website is down.

Fix this app PLEASE!

For a year now, i have been unable to reliably use the search tool to find foods.

Not great

This app has some design flaws. It sometimes doesnt let me log in and often I cant enter a new food, that menu item just disappears. It also logs me out frequently, which is a pain.

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